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Welcome to the SRWR

When Symology implemented the new Scottish Road Works Register in 2006, it represented a major step forward in road works co-ordination activities. We stated that our objective was to "continuously develop the SRWR, in a steady controlled way, and in partnership with the Scottish Road Works Commissioner, such that it can be highlighted as a model system throughout the world."

Since that time, Symology has worked closely with the community, and there have been many major enhancements to the system as well as the implementation of over 170 individual Change Requests from SRWR users. Over the same period of time, there has been the emergence of Transport (Scotland) Act legislation, a new gazetteer validation portal, and extended functionality for including non-works activities in co-ordination processes. Alongside this, great efforts have been made by everyone involved to improve the standards of noticing and data quality in the Register.

The Scottish community can be proud that the SRWR is now viewed by many people throughout the UK and beyond as a "model system", and possibly the most advanced of its kind in the world. We would like to thank everyone for their contributions to this success.

Symology is delighted to have been awarded the Scottish Road Works Register contract for a further term, and has every intention of delivering further progress. We are committed to continue the close relationship that has proved so successful, and to take every opportunity to develop operations further. The programme for enhancement versions of the software will continue, to accommodate legislative changes, provide improved functionality, and take advantage of technology developments; three new versions are already planned for implementation during 2010 and 2011. We have no doubt that by continuing to work together, we can cement the position of the SRWR even more firmly at the leading edge of road works co-ordination systems.

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